Example 2

Faculties at the University of Helsinki enable variation when organizing tutoring

The basic tutoring instruction of international students at the University of Helsinki is carried out by the Student Exchange Coordinator together with a colleague. The Practical Matters training is carried out three times during the spring term for the different campuses of the university. In the spring of 2011, the trainings were held on the campuses of Viikki, Kumpula, and the centre of the city. This is to ensure that the international tutors of all eleven faculties have the chance to take part in trainings. In addition to the tasks of a tutor, the topics of the training sessions include issues related to cultural competence and group work.

In addition to the training, tutors make use of the Guide for International Tutors, which is revised annually, as well as faculty-specific instructions.

The compensation that students receive for tutoring varies depending on the faculty. Students receive up to 1.5–10 study credits and/or 150–180 euros for each tutoring period. The International Exchange Services pay the faculties 150 euros per tutor or tutoring pair, and some of the faculties add a small increase to the compensation for tutors from their own funding.