Part-time work

Most international students are not entitled to Finnish social security, and therefore they are not entitled to Finnish student benefits either. This is why international students often have to work alongside their studies.

How to help students support themselves financially?

International students would benefit if higher education institutions would advertise job vacancies that do not require higher education, such as:

  • Part-time and temporary work
  • Campus work

    Benefits for students

    Part-time and temporary work offers students:

    • Their first Finnish work experience
    •  Financial means of support while studying
    • Potential contacts and employer referees

HEIs often downplay vacancies that do not require higher education. However, finding work in Finland for the first time and gaining local work experience is very important to international students.

" I’d recommend initiating cooperation with an employment agency called Duunipaikka that already operates in several cities around Finland. They keep actively in touch with employers who offer short-term, seasonal and temporary work: many of our international students have been employed as snow clearers or packers in the Apetit fish factory. Duunipaikka visited our campus in November and presented themselves to a group of 20 interested international students – with no Finnish students in the audience... That’s something to think about."

University of Kuopio, Career Services, Marika Tuupainen

" We have advertised jobs for the tourism enterprises of Lapland (safari firms, enterprises in the Arctic Circle Village) and temporary customer service jobs in local stores. We have tourists here all year round, so these jobs require excellent language skills anyway. We also carry a degree on tourism research and this is good work experience for students. Now and then the companies look especially for international students when they need speakers of uncommon languages."

University of Lapland, Career and Recruiting Services, Satu Peteri

Employment agencies

Employment agencies typically hire foreign employees that do not have a university-level education. Fatbardhe Hetemaj, contact manager of international recruitment in the personnel services company VMP, agrees that there is potential in increasing cooperation with learning institutions. The services of VMP cover a wide range of professions from cleaners to IT professionals. Their main target groups in international recruitment are Estonian nurses and Romanian construction workers, welders and meat cutters. This labour force is recruited directly from abroad.

When HEIs organize events such as Welcome Weeks together or individually, they could invite along employment agencies that have part-time or temporary work on offer. Employment agencies have participated in networking events for example in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area.