Language, culture, and climate

You should recommend Finnish language studies, because they will make everyday life easier and improve students’ chances of finding a job.

Source: University of Helsinki

Independent thinking is encouraged.

Finnish study culture is independent, which should be taken into consideration already at the beginning of studies. It is a good idea to plan one’s studies carefully.

It is a good idea to take part in a wide range of student activities.

You should recommend the student organization in your university to the student. Because of the individual nature of university studies, much of the institution’s social life must be sought after; it is not readily apparent at first. Student organizations, as will be explained in section III (Student Union and Student Organizations), are generally very active.

See the example from the University of Helsinki:

Orientation handbook_UH

Mentoring provides an excellent opportunity to get to know the Finnish workingculture.

Mentoring has long been used in work life to transfer tacit knowledge and particularly to expedite learning and support the career development of managers and experts, among other purposes. Mentoring programs for students, on the other hand, have provided new perspectives toward career planning and the future.

Read more about mentoring from here (in finnish)

You can also mention equality: how does Finland treat minorities equally?

See the examble from Sweden:

Source: Study in Sweden

Although the majority of students are familiar with the climate variations of Finland, it is a good idea to write a few paragraphs about climate on the website.

“Cold winters and warm summers mark the climate, but temperatures in winter are moderated by the influence of the Baltic Sea and west winds from the Atlantic warmed by the Gulf Stream.”

See the example from the University of Helsinki:

Orientation handbook_UH