Honest recruitment and pre-arrival information

International students often receive very little information about Finland as a country of study.

The information about Finland that is available online includes general information about the history, economy, culture and, for instance, the climate of the country. There is very little detailed information about what it is really like to live in Finland as a student.

The websites of higher education institutions should contain information about everyday issues that are still important to the student: what is the study culture like in Finland, how is housing arranged, and how is it possible to find a job while studying.

The key is to provide honest information on a positive note: Helsinki, for example, offers multiple opportunities for students, but living and housing is expensive. Things that seem self-evident might come as a surprise to many students. Studying in Finland can be highly independent, and courses are not necessarily carried out as group or project work.

Information should be given in a marketing style. We often forget that factual information can also be written so that it sells in a positive way. Students today are different than they were, say, ten years ago. Their expectations and demands have changed. They also expect more from the websites of higher education institutions: information and services.

This section contains examples of how honest recruitment and advance information concerning e.g. the costs of living has been provided on the websites of institutions.