Friend Family Activities, Host Family Activities

Benefits to the university

  • Facilitates cooperation with local residents
  • Diversifies the university’s networks
  • Raises awareness of international study programs

Benefits to the international student

  • Provides the opportunity to become familiar with the culture, customs, and language of the student’s place of study
  • Alleviates homesickness and facilitates the formation of a contact network
  • Enhances social awareness and serves as a background for work-life knowledge
  • Provides the opportunity to practice language skills and cultural knowledge

Benefits to the friend family

  • Provides new international contacts
  • Opens new perspectives into society

Friend family activities

The purpose of friend families is to introduce foreign students to Finnish family life, culture, and society through everyday activities. Many higher education institutions organize friend family activities for foreign students who are studying in a university or a university of applied sciences.

Friend family activities are voluntary activities that provide local families an opportunity to become familiar with different languages and cultures and form new, international friendships. The key idea is that friend families are prepared to make international students part of the routines in their everyday life.

Families typically apply for friend family activities by filling in a form
where they can describe e.g. their hobbies. At the same time, they can express wishes concerning the student. Many universities organize a joint initial meeting for all families and students, after which the friend families meet according to their own schedules.

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