Finnish language in Curriculum

Integrating Finnish into teaching

The Koti project run by HERA International has undertaken integration of the Finnish language into teaching. The material produced by the project has been compiled on the Kotikimara website. The site contains material such as specialized S2 language profiles, teaching experiences and teaching materials. The site is aimed at providing help for S2 teaching in English degree programmes of HEIs. The material on the website is in Finnish.

Some degree programmes require knowledge of Finnish already in the beginning of studies even though the programme is in English.

“Generally, in our English-language programs for Nursing & Social Services are 1-2 mandatory Finnish courses for those who don´t speak Finnish as a first language. In the addition we offer voluntary Finnish courses. Unlike many other universities of applied sciences, we expect that all of the applicants for our program have basic skills of the Finnish language,” says Mai Salmenkangas, Head of Degree Programme in Social Services (in English) from Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences.

Some degree programmes increase the use of Finnish as the programme progresses.