Entrepreneurship is also an option

Entrepreneurship is an option for international professionals as well. The general atmosphere in Finland has become more favorable toward entrepreneurship. This is evident in a number of positive entrepreneurship cases among international professionals. Students / international professionals can pursue entrepreneurship e.g. under their own business name and expand their operations to form a limited company.

Enterprise Agencies support new entrepreneurs and help them to e.g. develop an enterprise idea into a business idea; clarify the insurance and funding needs; prepare a strategy, budget, and a financial analysis; clarify issues related to the law, regulations, and the form of business; and form contacts.

Higher education institutions should also inform students of the option of entrepreneurship. For example, AaltoES or Aalto Entrepreneurship Society, helps students to pursue entrepreneurship. Aalto University also has its own program for startups, Startup Sauna. In addition to Finland, the program includes teams from Russia, Lithuania, and China as well as representatives from Poland, Estonia, Italy, and the United States.

The Innovation Capabilities & Coaching team from the Industrial Relations of the University of Helsinki provides the Entrepreneurship Internship course (8 credits) together with Hanken and EnterpriseHelsinki. The course is a practical, English-language training event that allows participants to practice working in a startup company as well as take part in a three-day business development game. Ten highly motivated students/postgraduates, who see entrepreneurship as a potential future alternative and integral to the development of personal expertise, are selected for the course.

More information: http://blogs.helsinki.fi/innocapcoach/.


Chao Tang packages adventures in Lapland for the Chinese

Brian Keaney established a ceramics company called Tonfisk Design

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