Marketing guide

Effective and useful marketing reaches and takes into consideration exactly the right target group. The better you know your target group and its needs, the more effectively you can tailor your marketing to meet these needs. However, it is vital to identify what information you need to include in your marketing communication as opposed to what is additional information that is unnecessary or not valuable until after the customer relation has been formed.When working on a limited budget, it is important to draw up a marketing plan. A marketing plan is a practical tool for ensuring that marketing is allocated correctly, measures are effective, and the achievement of goals can be monitored.

We have compiled key challenges and solutions for the employer marketing of higher education institutions in the marketing guide entitled “How to succeed in employer marketing”. By using this guide, you will be able to target your message correctly and make its contents appealing to the target group. This way, your marketing is not just a matter of luck. Marketing is not just about designing advertisements, but understanding the needs of the target group.

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