Cooperation on innovation, development and research

Universities and polytechnics carry out innovation, development and research projects in interaction with the surrounding society. Cooperation models include commissioned research, cooperation projects and various development projects.

Universities provide research services, and polytechnics commonly offer research, development and innovation services. Learn more about cooperative research projects and the related possibilities on the websites of the various learning institutions.

Examples of cooperative R&D projects that profit from the innovation and imagination of students

The Innomaraton event in Lapland

Innomaraton is a competitive innovation event organized by the polytechnics of Kemi-Tornio and Rovaniemi and the University of Lapland. It aims at developing new business ideas for the small and medium enterprises of the region.

Students from the polytechnics and the university make up mixed multicultural and multidisciplinary teams that develop ideas of products and services for the commissioning enterprises.

The town of Tornio, for instance, has gained ideas for a new kind of urban planning through the event.

Read more about the cooperation between Innomaraton and the town of Tornio.

Laurea SID Labs

Laurea SID Labs is an international research and development environment. The labs focus on a number of areas: tourism, catering and domestic services, business, information technology and security.

The labs provide research and development (R&D) carried out by students through different projects. The trainees cooperate with Laurea’s staff, other universities and business partners.

The learning environments of the labs are simulations based on the work environment of each line of business.

SIDlab Balance focuses on business management and combines it with information systems.BarLaurea teaches the students in providing restaurant services.Business lab focuses on service business, especially service development and innovation.



  Lecturer Satu Valli, Kemi-Tornio University of Applied Sciences:
  Innomaraton - New image for Tornio



 Interview with  Conrad Lauruu, Laurea University of Applied Sciences
International specialist on an international field