Student feedback

”For me, one of the most important things was the group’s emphasis on the significance of one’s own activity in job searching. I’m not used to that in my home country".

"The group advised just to call, call, call. If a wrong person answers the phone, you just need to ask who to contact instead and then call again. You shouldn’t give up if your first call isn’t a success. Without this piece of advice I wouldn’t have realized that successful job hunting depends on one’s own activity. I understood that I have to make use of all the possible contacts, not just my close friends but the friends of my friends, too. Especially in the case of large organizations, it’s difficult to find contact information on the web, and tips for who to contact are really valuable. I found the right contact in a big company after several “misses” through one of my friend’s colleagues. He’d worked in this company before and knew the name of the person who I could ask for a job that matched my skills. After that I just kept calling and calling until I made it.”

”The group handled extensively pretty much all the things I needed help for; we discussed where to apply for a job, how to make a good application, and practiced for the interview. When searching for a job after the group meetings, I felt certain of myself because I had practiced the whole process through, and the interview consisted of pretty much the questions that we went over in the simulated interview. That’s why I believe that the group was very useful and I finally got the job I dreamed of.”

”I came to the group to find out where to look for open positions. At first I was frustrated as I felt that the group didn’t get to the point, we just went through our own interests and strengths etc. It was only later that I realized that this was a useful process to go over, too. The meetings were structured so that we started from our own interests and strengths, after which we proceeded to the applying process and only after that did we get to point of why I originally came to the group, which was job hunting and the characteristics of Finnish working life. Toward the end I realized that this actually was a good order. When you build a house, you start with laying the foundation, too...”