Curriculum for Career course

Curriculum for Career course

The Curriculum for Career model has been developed in the University of Helsinki, Career Services. It is partly based on the Cognitive Information Processing (CIP) approach to career problem-solving and decision-making developed and applied at Florida State University. The Curriculum for Career course has been developed to support the employability of international students in the University of Helsinki.

The model is divided into two parts: knowing and doing.

The lowest parts in the triangle model (Self-knowledge and Opportunity awareness) are about knowing and understanding, and the middle and upper parts (Decision-making and Job-hunting skills) are about action and doing things. The model implies that you will have a better chance of writing a successful CV and a job application letter if you first gain knowledge about yourself, the kind of career that you dream of, the types of opportunities that are out there for you, and the kinds of actions that will support you in your future plans.

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Model Based on the Florida State University Career Services model (Cognitive Information Processing Approach, CIP).

  • Self-knowledge: Recognize your personal qualities, interests, skills, and values. Skills & knowledge.
  • Opportunity awareness: Explore your options in the labor market and learn about Finnish work life.
  • Decision-making: Make career decisions and plans to achieve your goals.
  • Job-hunting skills: Write good application documents and succeed in an interview.