Internationalizing the study programs

Degree programs offered in English bring the world inside the classrooms and service desks of Finnish universities.

When planning study programs, it is important to examine the students’ needs from both an academic and a substantial knowledge perspective, but also in terms of what other kinds of information and knowledge is needed in their future professions after studies.

International students need an understanding on how the Finnish society functions, what kind of knowledge and skills are important in their field, and what are the labor market expectations for them.

They also need contacts to work life, which can be integrated already into their university studies. Traditional universities and universities of applied sciences could collaborate much more actively in this area. More collaboration is likewise needed between universities and Finnish companies. Since the Finnish language is important for international degree students, Finnish language courses could be built into study programs.

" There was a distinct lack of networking and coordination of our Masters programme within the university and with the wider Finnish community. It was an international Masters, but I have a poor network and find it very difficult to become employable. I have not had one interview outside of my current job as a freelance English teacher. If it weren’t for family ties, I would not stay.

 Employability of International Graduates Educated in Finnish Higher Education Institutions

Ideas to discuss when internationalizing study programs:

  • How to teach diverse groups and how to meet the different needs of the students?
  • How to support the development of a positive professional identity and the employability of international students?
  • How to guide and give feedback to students?
  • How to provide all students with quality learning experiences?
  • How to organize teaching so that it would naturally invite Finnish and international students to study together?

" Many important courses are available in Finnish or Swedish but not available for international programmes.

Employability of International Graduates Educated in Finnish Higher Education Institutions



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