Finnish language

Finnish language requirements in the labor market vary from one academic field to another, but language skills do help in the job search process.

International students can be demanded to put more effort into learning the Finnish language, and universities should also make an effort to improve language training opportunities, especially so that they are in line with the work life expectations.

When planning international degree programs, it is important to include some Finnish language studies in the curriculum. The idea of a “language immersion” method (kielikylpymenetelmä), which originates from early childhood and elementary education, could be adapted to university study programs. More instructions could also be given to university staff on how to use “simple Finnish” (selkokieli) when interacting with international students.

 " Without Finnish language skills employment is very difficult. The curriculum should include more electives of Finnish language if the graduate wants to stay/work in Finland.

Employability of International Graduates Educated in Finnish Higher Education Institutions