Critical first year

There are many complex challenges that students face when travelling to another country to study.

Their physical and mental well-being as well as their academic performance can be affected by this experience. The importance of the first impression also applies to the integration of international students. According to recent studies and reports, Finland is seen as a safe and good place to live and raise children, but also as a place where international students and newcomers experience difficulties in being accepted to work life.

If their impression of the new host country becomes negative during the course of integration, it is more likely that students will leave the country after graduation. According to students, finding work in Finland is not only financially important, but also supports integration (Majakulma, 2011). Two-year Master’s degree programs in the university are very short, and it is important to consider how these studies can support the integration and employability of international students.

Students who move to a new country to study have to start life from the beginning in the new host country. These students gain a lot of strength in the process that can be useful at work in the future. Universities can support this integration process and especially help students to become active members of our society. If the services provided by universities are built to meet the needs of international students, they will leave more resources to the students to successfully concentrate on their studies.

Housing, tutoring, and mentoring programs for new students are highly important, in addition to student forums that allow students to network with Finnish friends and families as well as with other international students and potential employers. It is important that students can continue their spiritual life and important hobbies also here in Finland.

" Provide information at the beginning time in Finland, about Finnish job situation and importance of local language and courses.

 Employability of International Graduates Educated in Finnish Higher Education Institutions


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