Case: Housing in Finland

Finding a suitable accommodation in Finland can be very challenging for international students. According to the Lyyra’s housing survey (2012) the biggest challenges in finding an apartment are high rents and shortage of free and suitable flats. Foreign students also find it very difficult to get information about different housing options and about Finnish housing markets overall. According to the survey a total of 48% felt that finding an apartment was either difficult or very difficult.

Many students are lucky enough to find a place to stay even before they arrive to Finland but every year some of the students end up coming here without having a permanent accommodation. While searching a suitable and more permanent place to stay, students are forced to solve the temporary housing problem in different ways:

”Couch surfing, friends, anything… Hostel, after starting studies in Helsinki, not having found an apartment yet… Sub rented housing with high price and bad location for 1 month… Shared the room with my friends for 4 months in one room”

According to the Lyyra’s survey international students are very flexible what comes to housing. They are interested in all kinds of rental options such as cell apartments and shared flats. Many students are also ready to consider also short time rentals even if it means that they had to move several times during their stay in Finland. International student's dream apartment is furnished, affordable and close to good public transport or close to the study location.

Lyyra has created a housing guide to share information about the housing and rental markets in Finland. The guide contains useful information and tips for people looking for an apartment as well as for tenants and landlords. When the students want to know more about different housing options or rental markets they can find all information needed from the same web site.

Tips how to find a flat in Helsinki area