From an international student into a professional

The Chinese-born Yini Wang studies Business Information Technology in English at the Oulu University of Applied Sciences. Her degree programme is a combination of information technology and business studies. Currently she also has a job that matches her education in the Oulu-based Koodiviidakko Oy.

Yini Wang initially worked for Koodiviidakko Oy as a trainee alongside her studies. The internship lasted for five months. Wang believes she gained enough experience during her internship and convinced the employees of the company to finally employ her.

“I learned many new things as a trainee. I was also given a lot of advice about working in this business. It’s great that they wanted me to continue as an employee.”

International companies welcome English-speaking employees

Yini Wang does not speak Finnish but speaking English with the employees of Koodiviidakko has been easy and fluent. She says that the company relates well to international students and employees.

“They are extremely kind and always help you out. I bombard them with questions about different things, and I’ve always gotten help. At the same time, my own English skills have got a lot better here.”

Yini Wang points out that international students are important to companies who want to grow their international presence. English is a common working language in information technology, and this means that non-Finnish-speaking students and employees do not usually experience problems.

“Companies often have to work in English anyway because most software is in English. For many companies, international students are priceless. Particularly if the company is engaged with the student’s native country, he or she can help out in activities such as marketing.”

Practical experience from the workplace and theory from the university

Wang says that her assets include the ability to adapt to different situations and cooperation with different people. She appreciates it that her job in Koodiviidakko teaches her to encounter various problems and challenges of “real working life”.

“University is for learning the necessary technical aspects, but at work you get invaluable practical experience about the actual job. Experience is crucial in this line of business, and I have gained a lot of experience.”

Cooperation of companies and universities the key to internationalization

According to Yini Wang, nature is the best thing about Finland. She is now going to complete her studies and then continue in Koodiviidakko. She thinks that Finland is a very international country and estimates that the future is open to further internationalization.

“If we want to become more international, we should have more international projects in schools. Finland is currently very international but cooperation between companies and universities would advance things still further.”