Multiculturalism creates competitiveness

Juan Luis Espinoza from Mexico is a living example of how an international perspective produces fresh ideas for Finnish business life. Espinoza’s Master’s thesis recently beat its Finnish competitors and was rewarded as the Best HR Master’s Thesis of the Year in a competition organized by Henry ry. According to Espinoza, multiculturalism provides a strong potential for developing business life.

“I came to Finland for both family reasons and the excellent education opportunities,” says Juan Luis Espinoza. From the extensive range of education available, the Master’s Degree Program in International Management at the Hanken School of Economics best corresponded to Espinoza’s wishes. After graduation, he found a job at Nokia with global financing and accounting processes. His success in the thesis competition has also been recognized by his work community.

Finnish education teaches a sense of responsibility

Having recently transferred to work life, Espinoza has fresh memories of Finnish education, and his international background provides him with a suitable comparison for its evaluation. According to Espinoza, in addition to the internationally renowned high quality of Finnish higher education, the best thing about Finnish higher education institutions is that students take responsibility for their studies. Finland is doing a good job in persuading students to come to Finland, says Espinoza. “I think it is also important to work on behalf of getting international people to stay in Finland,” he points out.

Espinoza’s award-winning thesis came together under good instruction at Hanken. “I received a lot of support from my thesis advisor. Our interaction was sincere, which was extremely important,” commends Espinoza. His thesis was about radical strategic change and the engagement of personnel in such change. Espinoza is pleased about receiving the award. “The award has been acknowledged in my work community. Both my colleagues and my supervisor have seen it as extremely positive, which is very encouraging.”

Nokia values an international background

After transferring to work life, Espinoza has been able to apply the skills acquired during studies in practice. “The ability to take responsibility is useful both at work and in life,” says Espinoza. At work, he wishes to achieve results and demonstrate his commitment. Nokia is a great place to work for an international expert, because a genuinely multicultural company knows the value of an international background. “The best part about my job is its global dimension and the possibility to interact with people from many different countries.”

Diversity increases innovativeness

Espinoza himself is also able to appreciate his international background. “I believe that international employees increase the innovativeness of a company. They bring diversity into the company, not to mention a broader perspective toward different fields and areas of business. This improves competitiveness, especially in companies that aim for an international market, but also in companies that wish to develop their business in their home country.”