Medkit Finland

Courage is the key to a company’s internationalization

Medkit Finland Oy is an international company based in Oulu that sells first aid and emergency medical products. Within three years, the company has expanded its operations to include the import and export of products to emergency medical professionals. The company is therefore constantly working with professionals in the field around the world.

Medkit Finland Oy’s CEO Minna Åman-Toivio says that in the last two years, the company has had nine international students in total. They have been extremely useful to Medkit.

“All nine students worked in assigned tasks for the duration of a specific study module. Our latest team examined the internationalization strategy of our company: what are the legal, contractual, and logistical implications of internationalization for us. We were able to receive help in completing a task that would have been a more long-term project had we done it on our own. The students prepared a summary report, which is now ready when we begin to internationalize as a company.”

Medkit Finland Oy has employed international students mainly from China, Romania, and the Middle East. Minna urges all entrepreneurs to be open-minded and courageous, because cooperation with international students benefits both parties.

“Everything becomes easier after you have had the courage to take the first step. The more international expertise there is in a company, the greater it is as a resource and an asset.”

Benefits to both the company and the student

Minna Åman-Toivio says that currently half of her work is done in English. Previously, it was easy to do things in English by e-mail, but now it has become easier to also speak in English when there are international students involved.

“It is a true win-win situation. Entrepreneurs should remember that students also receive support from their school, so there is no need to worry about taking on too much responsibility. It is enough that an international student is offered a job and is allowed to do it. Working with them is in no way a burden to the company, because both parties benefit.”

In the future, Medkit Finland Oy plans to hire employees who speak Spanish and Chinese. Products in this continuously internationalizing company are imported and exported around the world, so cooperation in both directions is necessary.