Digital communications company needs international students



Koodiviidakko Oy is an Oulu-based software company that specializes in digital communications. Samuli Tursas, managing director of Koodiviidakko Oy, says that as an expanding technology company they are continuously recruiting new employees. According to Tursas, the company is currently the fastest growing technology company in the Oulu region. In 2012, three new employees have already joined the house.

Koodiviidakko Oy has carried out several projects for foreign clients. The company has planned to strengthen their international presence for a long time, and this has led to a growing demand for international students over the past year.

“We need to have an international environment in the office, too. That is another reason why the contribution of international students has been so important.”

Skilled international employees are discovered via university cooperation projects

Presently Koodiviidakko has many employees who originally worked for the company via student projects. Samuli recommends this to all the companies who consider employing international students.

“Training periods or projects are a safe way to assess the competency of international students. Once they have shown their skills in university cooperation projects and introduced themselves to the company, we can confidently recruit them. My advice is to bravely engage in cooperation, as even a small project can develop into a long-term international connection.”

Koodiviidakko demands plenty of communications experience from their employees. Cooperation and organizing skills are important as well. International students have a knack for all this.

“When a student comes all the way to Finland to study, it is a good sign of the student’s motivation to work here. International students are hard-working and eager to show what they can do. If they are cooperative and come along well with our employees, they have a good chance of getting employed in an international company.”

Multiculturalism generates new ideas

Working with international students leads to many kinds of cultural encounters. Samuli Tursas says that their working environment has become clearly more diverse and new ideas have been born.

“Students and employees have brought bits of their own culture and new ideas to the workplace, starting from the Chinese tea in the coffee room. Even internally, our company has become much more international.”

Tursas states that the key thing to remember is to give an opportunity to international students and remain open toward them. This is particularly important in a company like Koodiviidakko whose future depends on foreign workforce.

“Until today, our in-house working language was always Finnish. Now we are getting more international even without consciously working on it, as we communicate in English every day within the workplace. As long as we stay open, international cooperation is always rewarding.”