Models of structures

Creating and maintaining internal networks in HEIs is very important for successful employer collaboration.

If these networks do not work well, it is difficult to project a consistent image outward let alone operate consistently.

Internal network: the foundation of good labour market contacts

The network of contact persons for employer collaboration at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences operates systematically. The network has been developed over a long period of time. Read more
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Networking towards better employer collaboration

Building networks calls for systematic efforts. The University of Turku has created a network of contact persons for employer collaboration.
Learn more about the development of the model and the benefits gained.


Value chain of recruitment

According to employer feedback received by the VALOA project, employers experience difficulties in finding the right contact persons in HEIs when seeking trainees or considering other forms of collaboration with learning institutions. This makes the threshold for contacting HEIs higher. A seminar organized by the VALOA project demonstrated how difficult the process is and how many intermediaries exist between the employer and the student.  Read more