Different Services Related to Career Guidance

Career Advice or Advising

  • Providing general information regarding external requirements, for example brief advice on CVs and application letters, work contracts, work permits, taxation, workers’ rights (with the implication that general information is sufficient for the issue in question).

Career Guidance/Counseling

  • Career guidance refers to services and activities intended to assist individuals of any age and at any point throughout their lives, to make educational, training and occupational choices and to manage their careers. The focus of career guidance is on developing the professional identity, and life planning. (National Career Development Association NCDA 2011).
  • Exploring the other person’s perspective, tentatively offering another perspective to consider (including information based on the initial exploration) and discussing possible action planning together (with the implication that a counseling process is needed to consider the utility of different insights, feelings, and information and the applicability of various possible actions regarding the issue).
  • Dialogue between the “counselor” student and the counselor
  • Career counseling is a systematic approach to facilitating career decision-making and the job search process. It is a partnership between a student and a career counselor that is designed to assist the student in making important decisions about his/her major subject, career, job search, or graduate studies.

Career Education:

  • Career Guidance incorporated with study planning and a variety of courses and activities that link students with society and the employer (mentoring, project work courses etc.)
  • Career Orientation Courses: Curriculum for Career, C & C group counseling

Careering through the Web:

Tips for guidance professionals:

  • Educate students about Finnish work culture
  • Pre-graduation job search education
  • Pre-graduation networking
  • Advise students to be proactive - First Finnish work experience is important in the CV
  • "Walk with them, do not do it for them"
  • Stress the value of voluntary jobs and on-campus job opportunities. Especially voluntary jobs are easy to access for international students.
  • Education with employers
  • More specific understanding about the nature of transition, networks, co-op programs

Success factors for international students in finding eyment:

According to Canadian researcher Nancy Arthur (2011), the success factors for international students in finding jobs in Canada are:

  • Support from the home country
  • Number of relationships in the host country
  • One or more mentors/faculty members who take students to conferences and introduce them to work life
  • Opportunities for career learning
  • Meeting other international students
  • Positive peer support, role models, hearing examples from other successful international students

International students’ wish list for Career Services (Arthur & Flynn 2011):

  • Programs and workshops targeted to international students on obtaining a work permit, permanent residency, or an immigrant status
  • Specific information for graduate students: job market niches and how to network with potential employers
  • Practical information on writing CVs, job applications, and work permits