Why Career Guidance for International Students?

ABC’s to career guidance is a short introduction to guidance work. It aims especially to provide some solutions for the international work of universities.

In this section, the emphasis is on career guidance. The aim of the VALOA project and this toolkit is to support the employability of international students who are studying in Finnish universities. Employability can be defined as having the skills and abilities to find employment, remain in employment, or obtain new employment as, and when, required (Crossman & Clarke, 2010, p. 602).

Statistics compiled by Statistics Finland and by the Ministry of Employment and the Economy show that the unemployment figures for non-native Finns are higher than for native Finns. This indicates that there is a need to enhance career guidance in Finnish universities to strengthen the transition from the university to employment. It is also important to note that not any type of employment is satisfactory to facilitate the internationalization of the labor market, but we also need to compare qualifications against the quality of employment. In this introduction to career guidance, we will discuss career guidance and why it is needed in higher education, the different ways of providing guidance, and, finally, guidance work and the realities of international students.