Lack of employability
aspect in the curriculum


There are many different ways to support the employability of international students:


The goal of career guidance is quality employment after high-quality studies. One of the goals in terms of university students should be to support the employability of the students. Defining the terms is important in the field of career guidance. According to Tony Watts (Elopäivät 2011), employability is about work readiness. As can be seen from the list below, employability skills are important for students who are aiming to become researchers as well as students who wish to be employed outside the university and the research field.

Employability Skills are:

  • Interpersonal
  • Written communication
  • IT
  • Numeracy
  • Presentation
  • Business awareness

(by Tony Watts, 2011) 

Holms talks about the graduate identity, which he defines as: values, intellect, social engagement, and performance. For international students, the perception of their opportunities to be employed in the new host country can affect their graduate identity. Thus, employability is an important factor to consider when planning the international degree programs so that students have forums to widen their social engagement in society and to reflect their work life values in practice.